How to care for vinyl backdrops

How to care for vinyl backdrops
• Store at room temperature, rolled up or laid flat out. 
• When you remove them from rolled storage they may still have a slight curl at either end. This is normal after being stuck in a tube. 
• Leave them out flat for a while and the ends will relax down. 
• To speed up the process warm gently with a hairdryer, although I rarely find this necessary.
• Wipe with a soft cloth and gentle soap after use if necessary. 
• Don't use abrasive cleaners or scrape heavy objects across them. Don't let fruit juice or anything acidic sit on the vinyl for too long. 
• For hard to remove stickiness (such as the glue from old masking tape), warm it with a hairdryer before wiping.
• Treated well they will last shoot, after shoot, after shoot.

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