Do I need any other equiptment?

Do I need any other equiptment?

It depends. You can take great photos with a very basic setup, but I have accumulated some kit over time which has prooved very useful:

You can just place your vinyl backdrop on the floor or on a table, near enough natural light that your camera will work. This alone is enough. The clean, attractive surface of the vinyl will give your photos a professional look straight away.

If you want to use your backdrop behind your product just tape up to a wall or door with masking tape.

If you have a backdrop stand the vinyl can be clipped up.

The other equiptment I have found useful is a diffuser and a reflector. The diffuser will soften hard sunlight. If you don't own one, a muslin cloth or shower curtain taped up to a window works well. A piece of white foam core board will works well as a reflector. Placed opposite your main light source it adds a bit more light into your shadows.

The following are great sources of kit that I have used over the years:

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