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Vinyl Photography Backdrops | CM Backdrops | Tauranga New Zealand

Vinyl backdrops designed for:

• Professional and aspiring photographers

• Content creators

• Small business owners

• Food and product companies

• Products/food/cake smashes/newborn/portraits/headshots/events

The Back Story.......

The quality of images that we put online nowadays really matters. Whatever item we are showcasing needs to be the hero of the shot so customers gush over the image and want to have what they see.

When backgrounds are uncluttered and compliment the idea and emotion behind the scene you can easily create fantastic pictures that draw the viewer in, making them want to see more.

Having great trouble finding a quality vinyl backdrop supplier in New Zealand led to the creation of CM Backdrops and creating these beautiful designs has become a passion in its own right.

Here you will find a wide variety of designs and styles to suit your needs. Whether shooting in a studio, at home, in a shop or a kitchen, you will really appreciate the beauty, versatility and durability of these backgrounds: An essential addition to enhance your images.


Backdrop Information

• High quality printed vinyl sheets: Simply the best photography backdrops.

• Ideal for flat lay photography to showcase products and food.

• High quality, durable vinyl (anti-curl PVC, not coated paper). Stays flat, does not crease or crinkle, like cotton or paper backdrops can.

• Printed with high resolution (300dpi) images, making them realistic and suitable for close up images.

• Available in a comprehensive range.

• Use time and time again, making them a great cost-effective option.

• Easy to clean, roll for storage, not affected by humidity.

• Come in a range of sizes.

• Custom backdrops available on request. Go to contact page.

• Designed and made in New Zealand.

No more washing and ironing!

Have fun with colour!


Catherine is always excited to discuss your photography needs and backdrop specifications. Take the headache out of your decisions and start creating amazing images with ease today!


"Fabulous friendly service and a high quality product. We alternate between five different backdrops for our online business. Very easy to use and they are also highly durable. Thank you Cat at CM Backdrops for such a great product and service."

From Google Reviews

"Backdrops are amazing!! They are easy to clean, realistic looking and really well made. A game changer for me (I'm a cake maker). I had a chance to meet Catherine personally and she gave me a great recommendation of what color would be suitable for photos for me. She is a very kind and client oriented person which is a huge plus! I purchased two backdrops for the first time and now waiting for my new ones to be delivered. Will highly recommend Catherine and her service."

From Facebook Reviews

"These backdrops have made my life so much easier! So fast to use and they make anything look professional! Great company to work with too, will be back for more for sure!"

From Google Reviews