Custom/Other Designs

  • Custom Design
    A backdrop designed for your specific needs. It could be a plain vinyl in your brand colour, or a one off design specifically suited to your needs. your choose the colour/design/size.

    Starting price is for a plain colour 60 x 90cm vinyl.
    Maximum width 120cm.
    NZ$ 85.00
  • Large Plain White
    This is a plain white backdrop large enough to provide a clean, crisp background for those larger set ups, such as portrait sessions at corporate events. It comes on rolls 2.5m wide.

    It is a plain piece of matte vinyl. It has a small woven texture which would not be visible when viewed from a distance. You have the freedom to hang it how you like. Tape up, use a frame, clamps or sticky velcro. We can even add eyelets for you.

    Due to its length it cannot be posted with Courier Post, but will have to go by freight, so please allow extra time for delivery beyond the usual 10 working days.
    NZ$ 100.00
  • Plain White no-curl PVC Vinyl
    This vinyl is matte white. It is perfect for e-commerce images that you want to 'float' on the screen with no obvious edge to the picture. Take your photo in good light on this backdrop and edit the whites if necessary to make the backdrop disappear.
    NZ$ 55.00
  • Azure - 60x90cm
    A fantastic backdrop for food! Shows off warm tones and allows for selective editing of the background without affecting your culinary delight.
    NZ$ 70.00
  • Hesian Dream- silver 60x90cm
    This is such a optical illusion! The organic look of hessian with its natural shadows and imperfections, coupled with the versatility and convenience of a vinyl. Easy to clean, easy to store, no ironing!
    NZ$ 70.00
  • White Plastered Gib
    The most popular design so far! This backdrop shows a plastered sheet of gib that has been painted an off-white. Classical and simple with a very delicate texture.
    NZ$ 70.00
  • Aqua Delight
    Dive into a turquoise pool at your dream holiday destination with this backdrop which evokes hot summer holidays, lazing around the pool and lots of fun!
    NZ$ 70.00
  • Cotton Candy
    Dream big! What a sweet and dreamy backdrop. This delicately textured backdrop delivers passion and romance, tempered with innocence and calm. Ideal as a background for baby products, sweet treats or baking.
    NZ$ 70.00
  • Fresh Spearmint
    Step into spring and bring the outside in with this lovely bright and fresh spearmint colour backdrop. This colour pairs well with white, beige, violet and royal blue.
    NZ$ 70.00
  • Grey Chalky Mist 60x90cm
    This backdrop image was created using paint, chalk, silver spray paint and Photoshop. Custom colours are available on request. This one has a slight blue tone.
    NZ$ 70.00
  • Ivy Wall 60 x 90cm
    Bring the outdoors in with this lush wall of ivy. The deep shadows create an almost 3D effect, enhanced further by draping real greenery around your scene.

    It is the perfect backdrop for organic/natural products.
    NZ$ 70.00
  • Rusty Shipping Container - 60 x 90 cm
    This backdrop combines mellow creams with the urban roughness of rust and pain cracks.

    Pairs well with Red Brick Wall
    NZ$ 70.00
  • Tarnished - 60x90cm
    Add depth and richness to your product and food photos with this decadent dark brown backdrop, showing earthy tones and an edgy texture of old metal.
    NZ$ 70.00
  • Black Plastered Gib
    A dark backdrop, best kept in the shadows, with light directed to your food or product.
    NZ$ 70.00

The colours and contrast you see on screen may differ from the final product due to screen settings, jpeg compression, and the lighting conditions in which you are viewing them.

Many designs are printed to order, so please allow 10 days for delivery.

Call Catherine if you are working to a timeframe as express delivery can be arranged, 0212278787.